Key Altcoins Spearhead Crypto Market Rally

As of the current skyrocket in Bitcoin’s price, many altcoins are taking lead and directing the new and long-awaited market rise.

The Coins

Nano is currently at the head of altcoins in terms of rising, climbing past 13 percent in value at resting at almost $3 as per the most recent results. Four other altcoins have all seen 8 percent gains as well, including EOS, TRX, Monero, and NEO.

In light of recent reports, BTC’s current price craze is reflective of several key events regarding cryptocurrencies over the last week. As it stands, Goldman Sachs newly appointed head executive David Solomon is a cryptocurrency support and a crypto-bull. Steve Cohen, a billionaire businessman, is pouring investments into a new digital hedge fund. 

BlackRock, the globally leading asset management company may possibly enter the digital asset market. Coinbase has received authorization and begin listing digital currencies that qualify as securities on its cryptocurrency exchange platform. 


USHOR has set up a couple of in-house hearings that will discuss cryptocurrencies on the 18th of July. The FSC will host the hearing with special attention as to how far the US government is willing to validate digital coins as a legitimate currency and the possible applications, both internationally and locally. The hearing will also address the benefits that central banks will receive through cryptocurrency adoption and application.

The second hearing will be held by the HAC which will reveal discussions and developments of cryptocurrency regulatory issues and the group has expressed strong support of further advancing markets suitable for all commodities, not excluding any future emerging innovations.

2 years ago

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