Kaspersky Reveals New Malware “PowerGhost”

Kaspersky Lab has revealed in recent reports that new malicious software was attempting to infect several companies globally through what is known as crypto jacking. Named PowerGhost, the malware takes control of a computer by hacking into its processes and has been rising in numbers through Turkey, Brazil, Colombia, and India, attacking various corporations throughout the countries.

The Ghost

As a file-less malware, PowerGhost is designed to continuously mine cryptocurrencies on a computer after a successful hack and the number of these incidents is significantly rising. As the lab reports, criminal miners infiltrate computers anonymously and invisibly to take over its processors and relentlessly mine for cryptocurrencies undetected.

Criminal miners have consistently risen at accelerated speeds throughout the internet’s criminal network, continuously mining cryptocurrencies through mobile phones, laptops, and websites without the owner’s knowledge or consent and the advancements in criminal methodology are evolving.

David Emm, head security researcher stated that the new malware dubbed PowerGhost is providing rising worries in regards to cryptocurrency mining software. He adds that PowerGhost’s analysis and inspection noticed criminal activity climbing to another level and moving past individuals and onto mega corporations for more profit. Kaspersky Lab also stated that the evolution of criminal mining software and hardware is on a steady rise and advancing rapidly.

Several cybersecurity firms have also voiced their own concerns regarding cryptocurrency mining, an impending danger to the business industry. Skybox, another cybersecurity company stated that malware was triumphing over ransomware as a more favored method and referred to the illegal process as a hub from criminal activity.

2 years ago

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