Juventus FC Collabs With Socios to Launch Fan Token Project

Among the latest Euro Football clubs to partner with leading blockchain companies is none other than Italy’s Series A champs, Juventus FC. The team officially launched a Juventus Fan Token as a step towards their long-term collaboration with, a blockchain network. The strategic collaboration aims to target the clubs 340 million worldwide fan base, boost engagement particularly with those originating in regions other than Europe to establish a top quality intimate user experience for fans around the globe.


A New Fan Token And Voting Platform

In accordance with a recent statement issued by the Football club, their native fan token is set to be sold via a scheme devised by the partnership known as an FTO, or Fan Token offering. The FTO is scheduled to launch during the first quarter of next year. For those who purchase these fan tokens will also be able to access mobile based voting network exclusive to token holders. This voting platform will be used by the team to engage with fanbase opinions and better represent their collective voice. It will also promote the improvement of the team’s connection with their fans worldwide. The token will only be offered via the website and designed to trade against their native token called $CHZ.  

According to Juventus’ CRO and Global Partnerships Lead, Giorgio Ricci, the team welcomes its new partnership with He also noted that the team at large believes this collaboration will facilitate new opportunities for Juventus fans around the world and promote engagement via cutting-edge technology.  

The blockchain platform’s Chief Executive Officer, Alexandre Dreyfus, stated that the team’s token based project is only the start of many more offerings to come among top achieving football clubs worldwide. is focused on significantly improving footballs overall fan experience. He also stated that the company plans to bring in over fifty more sports clubs earning an extra $300 million to the sports industry in coming years. The company aims to establish the largest football fan marketplace and online community as well as promote blockchain and digital asset technology to mainstream audiences.

Blockchain Interest Rises Across Football Industry

CCN also released reports claiming that Liverpool FC officially announced their new partnership with a crypto-trading application known as TigerWit. A number of other Euro clubs including Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur have shown interest in the notion of fan tokens or actively established their collaborations with other crypto or blockchain based networks. The publication also announced this August that the UEFA were successful in trialing their new blockchain oriented ticketing structure created for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid’s upcoming UEFA Super Cup match.  

2 years ago

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