Justo Accuses EOS of Ethereum Attacks

As a well-established blockchain based on decentralization, EOS could possibly be behind many assaults on Ethereum’s blockchain through malicious schemes and more. One developer named Justo discussed the findings behind his extensive research into EOS during an interview.


The developer took to Reddit earlier to discuss his thoughts on the matter, resulting in arguments behind the legitimacy of his research results. An investigation by Jutso’s team uncovered several token Airdrops by EOS as an attempt to overload Ethereum’s blockchain and cause severe traffic given that the coins were barely worth any number.

According to his research, he believes that prior to EOS launching its blockchain in June, Airdropped coins saw a massive spike in number. These drops were made on a daily basis and more than a thousand coins, all in several varieties with almost no value behind them whatsoever. This resulted in several financial losses to Ethereum. Further adding, he said that it was just too convenient for the daily Airdrop spike to come to a complete halt on the same exact day as EOS’ launch.

Through studying EOS activity precisely, Jutso said that the platform was seamlessly pouring funds into useless projects and would congest Ethereum whenever EOS had an issue underway. He claims the company would “attack” Ethereum on a daily basis with funding in millions. Jutso’s research began with unusual coins being released such as one coin on the system titled “IFishYunYu”, an absolutely useless coin.

The developer behind the unusual coin created almost five billion others and transferred them to several addresses to riddle the network with traffic and spam.

Done Before

This is no new method of any sorts. Justo even believes that the same individual involved in unloading the useless tokens on Ethereum is responsible for a previous similar attack during another exchange run. He also claims the individual used programs to run laundering accounts.

He pinpoints EOS as the main connection behind every disruptive digital token released on Ethereum, providing his own evidence and more.

2 years ago

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