Justin Sun Wins TRON Blockchain Election in One Day

Justin Sun announced his own campaign to become a “super representative”, aka a Node, only one day prior to winning the elections. During his 24 hour election, the company’s founder managed to gather sufficient votes to operate as one of the 27 nodes set to function on the network.


Justin Sun managed to gather more than 120 million votes as per Tronscan. In order to be elected as a node, each participant must gather more than one hundred million votes, with every single vote counted through one TRX token. So far, 11 have been voted although Justin was the only one to be voted within 24 hours of his announcement.

Taking to Twitter, Sun stated that his new election as a node brings him to hope that every user and supporter of the company and the blockchain will see the importance behind voting. He also hopes that everyone will be able to contribute to the TRX community in a fully decentralized and democratic fashion.

In April, the founder confirmed that he was to join the elections with the other candidates involved, although he firmly stated that this was a choice of his own and was not related to the foundation in any way. Although he has not revealed his native token holdings, the CEO insured everyone that no coins from the foundation’s billions would be used to aid in the election. 

Justin Sun was adamant about participating and being treated as any other candidate in the election as a means of proving equality and fairness from Tron and its community. Unlike the others in the election, the CEO did not publish any documents to reveal any information on candidates and their intentions regarding the node’s hardware.

A new system

Tron’s current election is just a small part of a much larger trend involving public platforms. The trend often looks for promising projects involved in different solutions to direct stakeholders and aid them in updating the software.

While many claim to be completely decentralized in the own elections, Neo, the world’s 12th largest blockchain had its founders intervening deeply with the election, even after their claims. In light of that situation, Justin Sun’s announced raised a few concerns among the platform's users, with one user on Twitter calling it unprofessional.

One user from Reddit suspected the claims by Justin Sun involving democracy and stating that people will continue to follow the democratic and media-influenced hype. The post states that Justin Sun’s “control” over the democracy is unusual. Many have said that if Justin Sun takes place in the elections, heavy criticism would follow.

2 years ago

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