Justin Sun Speaks on Blockchain Adoption, Future Of Cryptocurrencies

Recently, TRON boss, Justin Sun spoke about the future of the sector.


Sun Speaks On Relationship With Binance

The blockchain technology has been gaining popularity in the last few years but adoption has been an issue. Experts argue that the existence of a copious number of coins and differing blockchain platforms is the main reason behind the supine situation relating to adoption. However, the cryptocurrency sector is starting to realize the impediments and attempting to fix them.

At the moment, a number of big institutions are coming on board applying blockchain technology in different sectors. Among the foremost firms in this arena is Binance. The cryptocurrency exchange has established the Binance Charity Foundation which aims to deploy blockchain technology to solve as many of the world's problems as possible.

We are fortunate that platforms coming on board that hope to use blockchain to give back to society. Recently, TRON boss Justin Sun donated $3 million to BCF. Sun recently sat down with CCN where he talked about the donation and the development of blockchain technology and its application in the mainstream.

Sun first talked about the motivating factor that led to his donation. He said that the TRON vision that seeks to decentralize the internet, a mission that is not profit-centered. Sun said that TRON wants to play its part in giving people privacy and transparency. He stated that the mission has the principles of any charity organization, which is to uphold what it (TRON) stands for. He added that the $3 million donation was in line with TRON’s stated goal of deploying blockchain for social benefits.

He further talked about his relationship with Binance boss Zhao. Sun said that over the years he has had a good relationship with Binance. Sun revealed that Zhao is a good friend on a personal level. He pointed out the donation is the start of a strong collaboration.

On whether they might have stronger partnerships with Binance, Sun said that the two firms are open to different collaborations going into the future. He cited the recent TRON donation as a good start. He remains optimistic that they will explore innovative ideas and possibilities together and they will assist in the growth of the crypto sector.

With the arrival of Bakkt, Sun said that financial institutions are now finally starting to appreciate the role cryptocurrency can play. Sun said that such a development is exciting and it will usher in more traditional institutions.

On the approval of bitcoin ETFs by the SEC, Sun believes that it will just be a matter of time until the SEC steps up.

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