Julian Hosp Believes Bitcoin Will Climb to $60K In 2018

Following reports this week, Julian Hosp of TenX believes that cryptocurrency Bitcoin will climb to a value of $60,000 in 2018 alone. While attending the Rise conference this year, Julian Hosp stated that his earlier comments on the rise of Bitcoin and its predicted $60K price are still valid and he stands by them, expressing confidence that Bitcoin will see a massive spike.


During his interview at the event, he spoke about his comments last year and how Bitcoin would have a low of 5000 this year despite its spike to $20K in 2017. In his prediction, he also stated that BTC would jump to $60K in 2018 and explained that Bitcoin was already near his predicted low in 2018 and now it’s time for the other half of his claim.

BTC hasn’t exactly hit the predicted low of $5000 despite its downward spiral in price this year where it dropped to just under $6000 earlier in 2018. Basing his huge prediction on the rise in price, he explains that certain trigger events must happen to essentially revive Bitcoin and pull it to the $60K mark. Hosp said that a major announcement regarding a new and positive development in Bitcoin or another event would spark a renewed interest in the coin. 

When asked about financial regulations and the authorities behind them, Hosp stated that recent bans around the world on crypto exchanges are not the way to go. Instead, he suggests that authorities directly state what is to be banned and what isn’t as a means of applying some transparency to regulations and clarifying their purpose.

Rise and Drop

In 2017, during his prediction in December, Hosp stated that crypto will continue to see a huge fluctuation between high and low in price as long as unnecessary projects are put away. 

Earlier, Tom Lee took a firm stance on a prediction he made and then later changed, explaining that his latest claim that Bitcoin would climb to $25000 does not invalidate his earlier prediction.

2 years ago

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