Joseph Lubin Sees “Cryptobottom of 2018”

Joseph Lubin, one of the Ethereum founders and early crypto adopter, sees the bottom of the crypto markets. But the future is "very bright."


Joseph Lubin in his Twitter account stated that he saw the bottom on the crypto market in 2018. And it is marked by fear, uncertainty, and doubt. In this case, paranoia is warmed up by journalists and bloggers who have no real data, no insiders, or even an understanding of the industry.

The investment company ConsenSys, which founded Lubin, also "feels great." The company continues to invest in external projects and hire new specialists for development. According to Lubin, over the last week, more than 50 specialists joined the team.

Previously, the media reported that ConsenSys cut 50-60% of employees. Lubin did not confirm such staff reductions. But he said the company “is a rebalancing activity and workforce”.

Also, according to Lubin, the sky “is not falling”. And the prospects for 2019 look very bright.

1 year ago

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