Johnny Depp Signs a Contract with a Crypto Startup

Johnny Depp signed a contract to work with Andrea Iervolino’s TaTaTu to create film and digital content. Iervolino is an entrepreneur who started TaTaTu,, a company focused on crypto-funded entertainment, six months ago. Depp is due to be working through his own production company, Infinitum Nihil.


This contract officiated the collaboration between Depp as well as Iervolino, which started with AMBI's production of Waiting for the Barbarians. The movie is based on J.M. Coetzee’s novel and will star actor Mark Rylance in addition to Depp. It will now be produced by TaTaTu together with AMBI and shooting will commence in October.

New Partnership

Iervolino is rather enthusiastic about the partnership as he observes that Depp is not bound by conventions that impose certain rules on how a project should be developed. This creative freedom allows Depp to imagine and create in a unique manner. As Iervolino aims at accepting the chaos, he is sure that Depp will play a significant role through his creativity and intuition.

On the other hand, Johnny Depp stated that he appreciates the inventive philosophy that Andrea Iervolino possesses as it contrasts with the general atmosphere of the entertainment industry. Depp hopes that this alliance will help develop projects that are invigorating and enlightening, as well as fitting into the views of both their companies.

Since its introduction, TaTaTu worked in both acquisition and creations of film and TV content. Currently, they are creating a number of documentaries and biopics. One of them is about Jeremy Renner and another is about Lamborghini and will star Antonio Banderas. They have also purchased a treatment about William Friedkin.

The company uses token as payment for creators and consumers, and it works with Liquid crypto exchange. According to TaTaTu’s declaration, they closed a pre-sale in the summer for a $575 million token.

2 years ago

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