John McAfee thrilled About Zclassic Fork to ANON

In a declaration posted on Twitter on 18th of this month, McAfee expressed how thrilled he was about the forthcoming ZCL fork to ANON, that will happen on 10/ 09/ 2018.

ZCL was earlier in disorder with numerous advancement groups pursuing to earn the ' formal maintenance' position for it from the Bitcoin Private (BTCP) group. One of the groups, Zclassic Community Edition (ZclassicCE), submitted a formal application to the BTCP group some months ago.

In his Twitter account, Mr. McAfee included that he evaluated various protection cryptocoins and only a couple have been approved indicating that an unquestionably unmatched innovation exists, hinting the overall winner could be ANON.

Mr. J McAfee backs only two Privacy cryptocoins

In the meantime, Mr. McAfee uploaded a film on Twitter, clarifying how security coins offer extreme cover of data associated with blockchain-based trades.

In the film, McAfee confirmed that he is just backing two security coins, LUX Coin (LUX) and the forthcoming ZCL fork, ANON.

He clarified why he is backing ANON, expressing that the professionals developing the fresh ZCL fork are comprised of knowledgeable engineers and who "deliver with supreme confidence. ” He included that the ANON coin is an innovation individuals should "focus at."

Taking everything into account, McAfee requested investors to carefully examine ANON and LUX, expressing the two coins will significantly impact the realm of cryptocurrency.

Nevertheless, not all crypto admirers appear to be as inviting of the most recent ZLC fork as a portion of the remarks on McAfee's film shown that ANON is "an aspiring BTCP simply attempting to create a pump n dump coin."

2 years ago

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