John McAfee To ‘Tell The Truth’ By Running For White House

He now wants to vie for the presidency to air his views on cryptocurrencies. He has described citizens as slaves to various systems.


McAfee To Push For Crypto Adoption Through The Presidency

Popular cryptocurrency opinion leader and businessman John McAfee has announced that he will vie for the presidency in 2020. According to the computer programmer, his sole purpose for his candidacy will be in supporting cryptocurrencies. He is pushing for the establishment of permissionless cryptocurrencies.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, McAfee stated that his campaign will be conducted on libertarian forums just like the last election. He has maintained that the main purpose of seeking the White House is to promote cryptocurrencies eventually leading to mass adoption. He believes that with cryptos, citizens will have personal freedom. According to Cointelegraph, McAfee is sure he will not win the polls but he is not backing down from the race.

He is on record stating that he cannot make it to the White House since America will not elect him. He, however, maintained that he has the constitutional right to run. The announcement is aimed at promoting his course for cryptocurrency's roll out rather than his personal brand.

McAfee Bitcoin Prediction For 2020

During the interview, McFee maintained that by the next election, bitcoin will be valued at $1 million. He added that in a span of five years, fiat currency will be struggling. He has projected a massive departure from fiat with citizens fleeing to cryptocurrencies. He added that prior to the end of those two years, the current market value will be lower than $1 million .

Speaking back in October, McAfee said that politicians are behind the negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies. He said that politicians don't want to see citizens find out the truth about cryptocurrencies. McAfee controversially said that if politicians tell the truth, they cannot win the election. He maintained that all he wants is a platform to air his views. He does not want to become the most powerful man in the world. McAfee pointed out that his desire is only to show people what is being hidden from them.

McAfee is on the record describing citizens as slaves of the system. He accused governments and financial elites of enslaving people. He is advocating for a society where you don't need permission to transact.

2 years ago

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