John McAfee Predicts Imminent Bull Market

The iconic Bitcoin bull, John McAfee, is among one of the most distinguished individuals in any industry. As the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer of MGT Capital, the last few months have seen a non-stop action trail left by the bull. Despite an assassination attempt on his life, he continues his focus on crypto and the bull market.



In light of his incredible predictions and support of Bitcoin, the long-time and famous bull continues to firmly believe in Bitcoin’s future. Even with Bitcoin’s incredible drop from its all-time peak in 2017, McAfee has fortified his opinion on the coin and continues providing confidence among his fan base about the currency’s future price.

Even with Bitcoin’s unreliable and unpredictable nature, he continues positively supporting the coin and others like Tom Lee have stated that Bitcoin will lead the market and its highly likely bullish trend.

The icon is also recognized for his incredibly positive prediction about Bitcoin, saying that even with its poor performance as of late, he believes the coin could be worth one million USD by 2020.


John has strongly stated to his fan base and followers to maintain the Bitcoins and not sell them, an act known as a HODL. Many distinguished figures involved in the cryptosphere have agreed and shared the same opinion. LTC creator Charlie Lee even advised against selling off Bitcoins, stating its importance even over his own cryptocurrency.

Continuously supportive of his own predictions towards Bitcoin, McAfee is an undeniable influential figure and consistently contributes to his own predictions and their outstanding results. 

After posting on Twitter and discussing applications of certain cryptocurrencies, each coin mentioned saw instant gains on the markets. Earlier this week, he stated that this activity would cease in light of legal threats and other impositions. BTC has recently climbed up in the market over the last weeks. While some analysts are stating that Bitcoin has barely broken through the minimum 2018 performance levels,  any predictions are far too early to make.

2 years ago

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