John McAfee Hails Blockchain’s Ability To Free Humans From ‘Slavery’

The impact of blockchain is being felt since most industries are coming on board. 


McAfee Hails Blockchain’s Permissionless Ability

John McAfee has once again come out to give his opinion on the benefits of blockchain technology. McAfee is the head of McAfee Associates and he is an established opinion leader on cryptos and the blockchain technology. The expert is famous for the unhackable wallet tale.

In his latest analysis, McAfee said that the blockchain technology and bitcoin have managed to save humanity by introducing a permissionless system.

Speaking during a recent CoinsBank cruise, McAfee likened the situation to slavery. He said that employees are slaves hired where their bosses enjoy fruits of their labour. He stated that the blockchain technology has secured workers from refined slavery.

McAfee stated that the current structure is hampered by the tight regulatory needs in almost everything that deals with human life. He specifically pointed out centralization. According to the expert, centralization inhibits humans to attain their full potential compared to if they were in a decentralized system. He said that the legal system was set up as a way of controlling human thinking.

He lauded the blockchain technology for freeing humans from centralized systems. McAfee said that under blockchain, people can do everything they want without following the laid system. He pointed out that it eliminates the role of middlemen just like trading in cryptos.

McAfee insisted that regulations lead to slavery but in a refined form. He notes that the system controls the entire globe. He noted that workers are not slaves to employers but the entire system.

Crypto dealers will agree with McAfee’s view. Handling cryptos is very simple and cheap compared to the normal systems. The blockchain technology is taking over the market and almost every sector wants to incorporate the technology into its system due to various beneficial factors.

It is important to note that, even nations that opposed the technology, in the beginning, are now changing the tune. Some have set up research committees meant to look into the technology and find ways of improving governance. In the near future, the technology will be adopted globally.

The major concern has been risks associated with the platform. The blockchain technology can be explored by criminals to take part in terrorism and money laundering. Many states are working hard to come up with effective laws before adoption. It is only a matter of time before the global economy embraces the technology.

2 years ago

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