John McAfee Announces HitBTC Legal Dispute

John McAfee, dubbed as the King of Crypto, has taken his unsettled businesses with HitBTC, the European cryptocurrency exchange, to the next level after announcing on social media that McAfee will pursue legal action against the company.


Sparks ensued after McAfee expressed his outrage towards HitBTC. During his ongoing debate surrounding how centralized cryptocurrency exchanges operate, John McAfee specifically pointed out HitBTC. According to him, HitBTC refused any MCT tokens on its platform and would not permit airdrops related to the currency. 

As an avid supporter of MCT, McAfee continues promoting the currency under the belief that it proves vital in providing free healthcare on a global scale, granting those in less-fortunate areas a chance at acquiring the basic healthcare they need.

The cyber-security magnate has stated that HitBTC is denying millions of people a chance at proper health care by implementing severe restrictions on MCT tokens. After his post, McAfee’s fanbase was urged to boycott HitBTC. 

Threats continued after McAfee stated that HitBTC shows no interest in MCT’s efforts at bettering healthcare or providing it for the less fortunate. He then guaranteed the exchange that he would be a present and opposing voice until the situation was dealt with.


After the countless attacks on HitBTC’s reputation by the tech giant, the company responded in a calm manner, instead opting to wish him a full recovery following the unfortunate attempt on the CEO’s life. 

Later on, McAfee expressed the importance of decentralized systems, saying that centralized cryptocurrency exchanges were the worst problem currently facing the crypto environment, and that private blockchains and trading platforms were the first steps to a decentralized future. 

Eventually, HitBTC posted a full response to McAfee and his claims, asking him to provide any advice on a better future for the exchange and thanking him for his personal involvement. Following the post, John then began responding to any claims against him regarding personal and financial gain out of the support he shows MTC.

Currently, McAfee continues receiving public and worldwide backup from the community, and has expressed that he intends on only pursuing HitBTC’s service providers. 

2 years ago

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