A Jewelry Dealer from Hong Kong Utilizes Blockchain to trace origins of Diamonds.

Chow Tai Fook, a group of jewelry stores based in Hong Kong is planning to utilize blockchain technology to trace diamonds, as detailed by a Chinese newspaper on 12th  Sept.


The jewel dealer has allegedly put a portion of its jewels on a blockchain stage created by a new blockchain firm, Everledger and anchored by the IBM Blockchain Stage. This will purportedly empower the dealer's clients to find out the birthplace and genuineness of gemstones retailed in its T-Mark shops, utilizing a T-Mark application.

The T-Mark was an idea begun by the organization exactly twelve months ago that allocates a progression of particular figures to specific gemstones with the goal that their origin and past exchanges can be effectively confirmed.

Presently, the organization has supposedly begun the project for three thousand T-Mark precious jewels in 4 of its shops, and intends to spread it out to ten thousand gemstones in ten shops. The overseeing executive of the group of jewelry stores, Mr. Kent Wong, explained the significance of a client being aware of the complete life-cycle of a jewel:

"This opportunity is not only meant to make it simpler for buyers to handle with their jewels appropriately and effectively, it is an extensive and important venture that helps the shoppers to be knowledgeable about their own precious stones."

This Hong Kong-based jewelry dealer takes after the act of some international pioneers in the gems business who have utilized blockchain innovation to trail their items. Worldwide gemstone mammoth De Beers reported in mid this year that it followed a hundred high-valued jewels from their location of mining to the shop where they are currently being sold utilizing its blockchain-fueled technology Tracr.

That application, which De Beers claims it was a new invention to the market, was allegedly embraced to upgrade customer certainty and openness that the precious stones were acquired with no conflicts, notwithstanding expanding proficiency in the store network.

Early this year, real gold and diamond producers and providers cooperated with IBM to build a blockchain system for following the roots of fully-manufactured jewels. The TrustChain activity was intended to trace and confirm jewels and valuable gems from their location of mining to their retailing store.

2 years ago

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