Jersey Island Implements ICO Protective Protocols

Jersey Island has recently introduced several new protective measures created to provide security and protection for ICO investing individuals. As announced by the JFSC, the islands finance service commission stated that these new protocols are being launched to provide proper care of initial coin offerings providers and protection from criminal activities.


The JFSC explained that it would probably not regulate a majority of initial coin offerings but instead introduce certain requirements towards offerings issuers. Every initial coin offering issuer within Jersey Island will be required to submit a consent order, COBO, to the regulating officials to add each issuer as part of the island's system. 

CTF and AML protocols are also required by ICO firms to lessen the possible threats of money-laundering schemes and terrorist funding through coin offerings and protect investors. Before an individual invests in an ICO, coin distributors must thoroughly explain any risks related to the initial coin offering and relay warnings issued by the JFSC.

As the warning goes, it explains the unpredictable nature of ICO’s and coin sales. It adds that completely investment loss is possible and all investors should take the proper protective measurements in the event of a loss. It also clarifies the difference in regulations from current and traditional market regulations and protective protocols.

The regulating authority then split issued token and classified them as either securities or not. Securities are similar to traditional market equity including investment and involvement in ICO gains. Non-securities are further divided into two more categories, one which is the utility coin, providing spending rights to the owner in terms of purchases as well as the cryptocurrency’s design.

In the event that a that a digital currency is deemed a non-security, the regulator has explained that fewer restrictions may be possible.

2 years ago

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