Back Open Blockchain Tech Platform Partners with Unilever

According to the official blog. the JD Blockchain Open Platform provides buyers the ability to streamline projects by tracking goods as well as settling transactions in addition to other services.

They will also offer the ability to easily change or develop smart contracts with public/private enterprise clouds. designed this network with the one-click deployment structure to ensure the entire process is easy for enterprises whether or not they are able to develop their own blockchain solutions. The very first partner using’s open blockchain network is the CIPC.

This new Beijing-based platform provides an app store offering various blockchain levels in addition to many more tools and software programs developed by  or independent vendors. They also plan to grow and enrich app offerings and build a booming ISV culture within their network.’s  Smart Supply and Data Head, Jian Pei, described the platform as the most sophisticated source of knowledge and expertise within blockchain tech initially created in light of boosting visibility of the company’s own projects to buyers. Comes Together with Unilever

According to Freight Waves, Unilever has teamed up with in order to expand into China. Currently offering a variety of products and services such as beauty products, merchandise, and personal care to more than 2.5B people per day, Unilever now aims to expand their mission into the Chinese market. The newly arranged partnership falls in line with the company's “Retail as a Service” initiative, where e-commerce-focused businesses offer infrastructure and developments to companies beyond their own platforms. Backs Supply Chain Tech Progression

Renowned for the creation of advanced supply chain tech, has now become an active member of the BiTA, the largest global blockchain alliance. The purpose of this alliance is to increase security and safety of global supply chains encouraging the development of higher blockchain standards, particularly for the freight and logistics sector.

2 years ago

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