Japan’s GMO Group Has Launches Its Own BC Bank

Japan’s leading IT company, GMO Internet Group just launched its online bank under the name of Aozora Net Bank in a new collaboration with the Azorora Bank Group. According to a report, the new project is meant to be the next-generation in online banking and has been under development since 2016.

New Efforts

ABG will possess 85 percent of the project states while the other 15 percent will be split in half the GMO Group. The new online bank is meant to bring finance and IT together and provide a wide array of services related to both. Customers are at the head of the bank’s priorities on its mission emerge as the leading digital bank. In response to constant demands made by customers, the bank will support elite security qualification with blockchain, artificial intelligence and more.

Services for small businesses and individual clients will be cost-efficient by the bank. Additional services include bank accounts for clients and will be accessible through its phone app.

By introducing the new financial system to the company’s digital brokerage and securities firm, the company will include deposit accounts for foreign currencies, an online bank-issued card and trading features for both, securities and foreign exchange. An announcement also stated that blockchain technology is building momentum for developed financial services through more cost-efficient and secure transactions.

The Group

GMO is Japan’s leading Internet service provider and is involved in many other services such as security and payment methods. The biggest foreign exchange platform on the internet is also part of the group under the name of GMO Click Securities, including digital commercials and entertainment products for mobiles. The company’s native token also emerged last year and a mining rig for the GMO Coin is also under development.

2 years ago

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