Japanese Car Dealerships, Airport Taxis Accepting Cryptos

A Japanese regulated crypto exchange platform has teamed up with 2 businesses in order to provide them with crypto payment services. The first collaboration is with Hinomaru Limousine, who began accepting cryptos for its ride services to and from the airport, and the other is with Carchs Holdings for its car dealerships.


Airport Shuttles

Japan currently has sixteen regulated cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and Bitpoint is among them. The company has revealed its collaboration with two major businesses in the country to help in spreading crypto adoption.

Bitpoint has partnered up with Hinomaru Limousine, a taxi shuttle service based in Tokyo, for a trial of crypto payments taking place from 6 November 2018 to 9 January 2019.

Founded back in 1981, Hinomaru is currently operating 362 limos and 161 taxis at the airport. So far, the trial run has been successful and considerations to expand it to normal taxi rides are underway.

The trial covers rides between Tokyo’s twenty-three wards and its 2 main airports, Haneda Airport and Narita Airport. The cars that are currently in use are either a Tesla S for 4 passengers or a Toyota Alphard holding up to 6 passengers.

Fares for the rides are between 19,020 yen or $168 and 37,020 yen for Narita Airport, while it’s between 8,300 yen and 15,600 yen for Haneda Airport. To make a payment using cryptos, users should have an account with Bitpoint so that they can use its wallet app, which is compatible with iOS and Android. Payments can be made using BTC, ETH, or BCH.

Car Dealings Using Crypto

Bitpoint shared that it has teamed up with Carshs Holdings as well to adopt crypto payments for its car dealerships. Founded back in 1989, there are currently forty-eight dealerships under the brand all over Japan.

Thanks to the collaboration with Bitpoint, 2 branches, Carchs Mega Sendai and Carchs Nangang, are now able to accept payments from customers in cryptos, as the trial should run until 9 January 2019. The company has future plans to integrate the crypto payment system to all of its stores. Payments are likewise done through a Bitpoint account and a corresponding wallet app.

This is not the first time car dealerships embrace cryptos; last December, one of the biggest automotive group in Japan, Idom, teamed up with Bitflyer, Japan’s largest crypto exchange platform, to implement BTC payments across its many branches.

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