Japan Opts For Self Regulation In Crypto Sector

Crypto Experts To Enact Regulations In Japan 


Over the years Japan has emerged to be a country friendly to cryptocurrencies. The Asian country has enacted a number of regulations to manage the crypto sector. This week, the country’s financial sector regulator the FSA allowed the crypto sector to have its own policies.

The FSA approved the formation of the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association. The association has been given the mandate of cracking the whip on exchanges that fail to adhere to laid down regulations.

At the beginning of this year, CoinCheck exchange in Japan suffered a major hack that resulted in the loss of over $500 million. Following the hack, Japan has been forced to enact strict measures to protect investors.

The regulatory model by the state is meant to help exchanges to come up with their own laws meant to secure investor assets. Among the laws to enact, we will have money laundering guidelines. The new association will also be required to conduct reviews for compliance.

With self-regulation in Japan, other countries might follow suit. A number of jurisdictions have remained ambiguous when it comes to crypto regulations. According to investor Joseph Young, self-regulation will soon spread to other countries. He pointed out that countries that fail to follow suit, will lag behind.

An official from FSA has stated that the crypto sector is fast moving. The official stated that experts were well positioned to come up with laws compared to government officials.

For Japan, self-regulation is not a new concept. The model has been adopted in the securities.

The new crypto association said that their main goal is to ensure that investors can trust the sector. In 2017, Japan emerged as the first nation to provide regulations for crypto exchange.  After the regulations, licenses were issued for different operators. The government’s main goal is to ensure investors are secure while at the same innovations are not crippled.

In September, the crypto sector in Japan came under sharp scrutiny following a hack on Tech Bureau Corp that led to a loss of $60 million. Before the hack, the firm had received notifications from FSA to improve its operations.

Many jurisdictions are yet to regulate the crypto sector due to volatility. However, Japan might be the best example for the rest of the world.

2 years ago

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