Janet Yellen Now a BTC Owner After Being Gifted $20 Worth

When she was attending a forum on fintech in Canada, the ex-federal reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen explained why she didn’t see BTC as a particularly beneficial currency. Yellen has previously criticized many aspects of cryptos, but contrary to that she said that she sees blockchain as very essential technology going forward.


A Small Gift

Raz Suprovici, the founder of Biterica, which is a BTC-based gift giving platform, had sent an amount of 0.0031642 BTC over to Yellen via email, which translates to about $20,.

When she was asked to verify that she got the gift, she replied that she did receive it; however, she hasn't yet investigated her coin holdings because she is very busy. She stated further that she had nothing else to say regarding BTC during that time.

Suprovici shared that he was looking to provide Yellen with the best tool to understand more about BTC and sending that gift was the best way to do so. He said that after hearing her speak about the digital currency, it was obvious she had never owned any crypto coins.

He explained how people are usually fearful of things they don’t know or understand. He saw the gift as a way for her to see that when she logs on with her information everything is similar to a normal bank account. The funds will be there, waiting to be used, and hopefully, it will lead her to embrace the new technology.

1 year ago

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