J McAfee Builds a Community to Challenge Crypto Corruption

According to his official Twitter account, John McAfee, a cyber security specialist and digital currency advocate, publicly claimed that HiBTC is an unlawful exchange warning the greater community to avoid their services. Based on his claims McAfee expressed that the crypto exchange aims to achieve personal gains rather than promote the overall growth of digital assets and the crypto community. 


McAfee Goes Head to Head With HitBTC

This rivalry between John and HitBTC has become an ongoing conflict, in which similar claims were made in June. Initially McAfee noted that the cryptocurrency trading platform utilized its power to corrupt the concept of decentralization, a concept created for this very purpose. 

HitBTC enforced set fees for deposits into the platform which cost users an equivalent of $4 for each transaction. It also required a variety of fees linked to services offered by the exchange. In response to such charges, McAfee stated that on a global scale these charges were unjust to the promotion of the crypto community as millions of individuals would not be able to participate with fees as high as an average monthly salary. In addition, the exchange regularly froze trader’s currencies without reason taking up to several days or months before resolving individual issues. 

A Campaign Against Corruption

In line with the community’s growing concern for the HitBTC’s practices, McAfee organized a campaign to tackle unlawful activity within the crypto sphere. A Tweet he posted encourage followers to join in action to end criminal behaviours currently taking place within the growing  crypto setting followed by a gmail account entitled Report Corrupt Crypto.  

The Benefit of the Community Over Short Term Gains

The crypto industry figure and security specialist also urged followers to join in supporting an emerging digital currency called Apollo who also decided to boycott listing tokens on the HitBTC platform. Apollo devs explained that they refused an offer to enlist on the platform as a result of numerous fraudulent accusations made by HitBTC users. Despite the immense benefit and attention Apollo would have received from enlisting its token with the exchange, the company aims to stand strong against corruption and promote a more confident and safe environment for the growing industry.   

2 years ago

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