iXledger Launches Blockchain Insurance Program

Last year, iXledger was founded in London and the company has recently launched its new insurance program designed to protect companies and startups involved in blockchain technology through analyzing risks. Titled Blockchain Insurance, the company aims at changing the insurance industry surrounding blockchain.


iXledger states that the company teamed up with insurance experts in London to initiate the program and oversee its launch. The program is designed especially for firms operating on blockchain foundations to ensure their protection against legal, financial and criminal risks.

Plenty of features within the platform are designed to aid clients with insurance. Underwriters are provided with support in evaluating risks through descriptive and intricate presentations and ranked according to seven important factors. Among these factors are a business’s finances, technological development, protective measurements and a general viewing of the company is involved.

Once all seven aspects have been detailed, its findings are then introduced as applications on the market and after completing their insurance, the platform will publically release a report on Ethereum’s framework. The published record provides proof that insurance is implemented for possible clients and investors and boosting the company’s trust and recognition with future clients. As the company states, its platform is providing as much transparency and regulation in terms of data towards the market for full clarity and predicts a seven-billion-dollar profit this year.

The IDC says that a predicted number of total funds invested into the development and acceptance of blockchain around the globe will amount to more than two billion dollars, a rise of one billion dollars since last year. The BC market may also see a $2 billion expansion within 3 years.

Its native token, the IXT, will provide full access to the platform's services for any user. Its expanse aims to cover other likewise projects such as InsChain and fidentiaX. The company also plans on creating more partnerships with other involved providers in the industry.

2 years ago

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