Italy Joins 26 EU Nations in Euro Blockchain Partnership

According to Cointelegraph-Italy’s report today, 27th September, Italy’s Parliament member, Mirella Liuzzi announced plans for the nation to join the Euro Blockchain Partnership. As Liuzzi stated, the decision to enter the EU partnership agreement which already consists of twenty-six European countries is scheduled to be signed tomorrow, September 28th. Luigi Di Maio, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister will be signing the agreement in Brussels.

The EU Creates a Blockchain Focused Association

During a Key4biz interview, Liuzzi explained that taking part in this collaboration will enable the nation to establish its own line of progress pertaining to blockchain development. It was also said that the Italian government has plans to employ labor experts in the blockchain field to focus on developing the country’s cryptocurrency division.  

Initially, the Euro Blockchain Partnership was first established this April, with the intent of providing a platform for cooperation within the EU. Twenty-two European nations first signed the agreement to establish the blockchain focused organization, with Romania, Cyprus, Greece, and Denmark soon after boosting country counts to twenty-six.

Italy Standing in Solidarity With Blockchain Development

A June report by Cointelegraph announced that Naples officially launched a state-supported focus group intended on promoting blockchain tech and local government based ICO. Not long after, the Italian southern city shared intentions on creating a digital currency of its own.

Italy as a nation has been constantly attempting to utilize crypto-based technology across a wide spectrum of use cases. Recent news regarding the country’s top football national club, Juventus, and its launch of the fan token with is merely one among many head dives into the world of blockchain.

2 years ago

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