Is it Possible to Create a Special Economic Zone with Blockchain?

Blockchain opened the true strength of society. The innovative technology has united hundreds of thousands of like-minded people. Each of them has a different purpose. In the depths of all, there is one similarity - the desire to create something new and useful to everyone. But without a reliable platform for communication, this cannot be done. Therefore, the Crypto Harbor project created something like a mix of LinkedIn and Facebook. Only here all are equal and without censorship. Blockchain oversees these basics.


The Crypto Harbor project appeared in early 2018. Its prime goal is to develop a place where like-minded people could gather, and work on a project. To achieve this, around its platform Crypto Harbor creates an entire ecosystem that should serve the benefit of users. With it, people could create entire economic zones, within which the most diverse products will be created, and the most daring ideas will be realized.

Of course, economic zones of a new type will not use fiat currencies. After all, they are expensive and prone to centralization. Not to mention the duration of transfers and the need for a payment infrastructure. So, Crypto Harbor created its own cryptocurrency – CHE. The token is based on the improved protocol Ethereum blockchain ERC 223.

CHE will become the circulatory system of the new organism Crypto Harbor. With its help, the members of the community will be capable to settle with each other, buy things and develop their projects.

Whole World Within

All projects start small. Even Google was built in the garage, where the foundation of the future technological giant was laid. Crypto Harbor also begins with the smallest and most important - the society.

Now the crypto project forms the backbone of the community with the help of social networks. Everyone can find like-minded people in Discord, Telegram Line and Kakao Talk.

The most important that Crypto Harbor does not establish a community on the principles of rigid hierarchy and censorship, which can be found in most modern social networks. In fact, the community will be self-regulating. And the intervention of representatives of the administration is reduced to a minimum.

The project system is aimed not only at communication but also at joint development. Users can earn some money by supporting other members of the community or project. Moreover, users will be able to vote for key decisions that affect the entire ecosystem using CHE.


The cryptocurrency exchange is the second stage of Crypto Harbor development. Its beta version will be available in October. Members of the community will be able to decide for themselves which cryptocurrencies to add to the listing of a new trading floor. And they will do this by voting. Initially, the service will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

CHE will also play a critical role in the life of the exchange. With its help, traders will pay commissions, and a 50% discount will apply. Due to this, the trading fee will be only 0.05%. The goal of Crypto Harbor is ambitious - after launching it will enter the list of top-40 global exchanges. According to the project, it is quite possible, because the exchange will be backed by the massive community with the headquarters in Malta.

Next, Crypto Harbor plans to create a research and development lab and a school where they will train in the blockchain. This stage should give the community a push in developing its own projects and creating a full-fledged economic zone.

Future Already Here

Crypto Harbor is actively working on the implementation of plans and the development of the community. The exchange has already been completed at more than 70% and is waiting for the launch. Simultaneously, the project participates in various activities, so that as many people as possible could learn about it. So, Crypto Harbor sponsored the motorcycle team "Moto bum". It also holds various meetups in Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Singapore.

The project also signed a cooperation agreement with the Singapore company Texcent on the development of a mobile wallet for CHE. And these are just a few examples of the activities of Crypto Harbor. There are many more.

To implement all of their plans, Crypto Harbor plans by the end of 2020. Then the absolutely new ecosystem with a unique community and ambitions should appear.

2 years ago

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