IOTA, Volkswagen to Release Digital Carpass

The carpass will provide real-time information about vehicle performance, making it easier for Volkswagen to recall cars immediately in case faults are detected. 


IOTA to Provide Volkswagen with Digital Carpass

IOTA and Volkswagen have entered into a collaboration to provide Digital CarPass. The project is set to be launched during the first quarter of 2019. Under the project, IOTA will offer network tracking information that will be used to evaluate the performance of Volkswagen vehicles.

The partnership was announced during an event held in Tel Aviv. Benjamin Sinram, Volkswagen’s Head of Blockchain highlighted that the firm was working around five blockchain projects. He noted that IOTA’s collaboration is the first project in line.

The entire partnership between the two firms was made public back in February. With the Friday development, its the first entry of IOT into the automobile sector. After the launch, Volkswagen car owners will be able to determine efficacy and quality. 

IoT entry into the sector is massive news for the mainstream adoptionof blockchain technologyOther top brands have also deployed blockchain in tracking car performanceRenaultBMWFordand General Motors recently launched a  MOBIThe platform was meant to push for overall adoption of blockchain network in automobiles. 

Impact of Blockchain to the Motor industry

The development is set to streamline working relationships between clients and car manufacturersSuch development will boost efficiencyManufacturers will be able to receive instant data about the performance of different car modelsSuch data will be used to improve vehicleperformance in the futureWith dataany malfunctions can be immediately detected and cars recalled.

Analyzing the data collected will be vital in helping customers determine vehicle performance on top of knowing the perfect time for inspection. Mechanics can use the data to fix challenges.

The IOTA, Volkswagen project might cause massive disruption in the industry. The Tangle technology that has been dominant in the industry might be wiped away. In comparison, Tangle is different from blockchain on the DLT basis. According to IOTA, the system will bring in more users since it will solve the problems. 

Elsewhere, IOTA is also working with the Taiwanese government on a project meant to issue digital ID cards. This is part of a project aimed to transform Taipei into a smart city.

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