IOTA Tangle Riddled with Transaction Issues After Parasite Chain Creation

Lewis Freiberg has been discussing several issues supposed complications including transactions within IOTA. The foundation's ecosystem head published a post titled “What’s up with the Tangle?”, a report which provides counseling and analyzes the technical aspect behind the project’s success. It focuses on educating involved members how to emotionally deal with both success and issues related to the project.


In his report, Lewis Freiberg attempts to explain the nature of Tangle and questions behind it. As he explains, when any question about Tangle and its current status emerges, the company itself is already exploring and asking the same exact questions. He also explains that these questions are usually asked based on the poor representation of the project and fluctuating confirmations.

He believes that more focus should be aimed at CTPS, a new confirmation method quickly finding its way into the hands of new users as opposed to traditional TPS. According to Freiberg, he attributes this as part of the plan to see Tangle soar over other networks in terms of performance and efficiency. 

Tangle allows IOTA to climb in terms of scalability. Unlike traditional currencies which store all their data on every node on the platform, Tangle forms a network and runs information through just a few other nodes. This allows a faster transaction processing rate and includes zero-fee trades, whether financial or information, to undergo massive trades without paying crippling fees.

Side Tangle

Freiberg explained the concept of a Side Tangle. Essentially, a Side Tangle is a parasitic chain which displays itself during IOTA visualizers. Side Tangles have been a known factor since the official Tangle proposal.

Side Tangles are separate transactions that are not part of the Main Tangle. Due to scammers targeted these unsanctioned transactions, parasitic chains occur on IOTA and create disruptive tangles amongst themselves. The Ecosystem leader insists that everything is going to the original plan for Tangle.

2 years ago

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