IOTA Announces Official Launch of IOTA Hub

On the 3rd of August, IOTA announced the soon-to-be IOTA Hub, a new tech-upgrade. The Hub aims at providing solutions to many current complications and issues as well as offering enthusiasts a direct, easy and user-friendly interface. Following Ralf Rottman’s hinting at the new project back in April, every user has been holding their breath in anticipation of its release.


Rottman of IOTA has teased users during a statement back in April, saying that the Hub has almost been complete and testing is underway. He also mentioned the audit and a pending decision towards. Additionally, IOTA has recently made media headlines following an announcement of their new partnership with Audi. Both collaborators are looking to design and create a mobility environment forsaking permits and permission as a means of advancing and enhancing the automobile industry.

IOTA then stated that IOTA Hub offers a solution to every issue and enhanced services by providers has been handled and cleared for users. Several issues the hub tackles have been dealt with, including problems such as seed management and deposit address tracking. As a means of addressing problems related to double signing, the foundation added an external signature transaction method.

As stated by IOTA, the process of remote signing permits users an impartial machine containing everything although no access to the database is possible. The hub itself is provided access to the database but lacks the “everything” in a separate machine.

As both connect and communicate, this provides impenetrable security and protection by providing any attackers or hackers from exposing the entire hub via one system. Additionally, IOTA’s main objective is making all of these solutions and options provided as a standard within the environment with the utmost transparency.

In addition, as a means of fueling development all over, IOTA has produced and granted individual APIs to guide users through the platform without any issues or complications. Company officials have said that within the IoT timeframe, acceptance of a new tech is incredibly vital within the foreseeable future. In light of this, the hub will launch exchanges within the upcoming weeks as opposed to months down the line.

2 years ago

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