Investment Bridge Becomes Infinity Blockchain Labs’ Media Partner

Nhip cau Dau tu magazine, also known as Investment Bridge, has signed a deal to become the strategic media partner for Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) under which the magazine will publish authentic information on the topic of blockchain, targeting firms as well as investors.



IBL is a research and development firm involved in brokering and regulating technology services using blockchain technology. It focuses on creating partnerships with well-established businesses and regulatory organizations spanning numerous industries in addition to providing collaboration on incubation to early-stage projects that utilize blockchain.

As for blockchain itself, the technology that supports cryptocurrencies, has increasingly been applied to various industries that are quickly understanding its potential impact. According to predicted forecasts, Blockchain is expected to be a $20.3 billion industry by 2030. So it is no surprise that it has become the main technology used in 430,000 open-source enterprises as well as 800 startups worldwide since this May.

2 years ago

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