Investigations Reveal That Google G Suite Twitter Account Engaged In Illegal BTC Swindle

The aforementioned corporation’s twitter account was compromisedin order for the thieves to execute a Bitcoin fraud. This information was recently revealed on November 13th by Next Web.


G Suite online platform was allegedly penetrated for the purpose of marketing a BTC giveaway scam. The platform had hundreds of thousands of supporters. Scammers distributed messages enticing people to engage in a fictitious contest and 10,000 BTC swindle. The messages further stated that Google allowed digital money as a method of disbursement.

Hard Fork later discovered that the message was posted on the Twitter account for a short duration. It was deleted a few minutes after it appeared. This spurred Cointelegraph to seek a reply from the corporation regarding the issue. However, Google had not given any answer by press time.

The fraud comes shortly after latest deceitful activities linking Twitter sites of large corporations and people. Before the Google breach, many platforms were hacked on 5th November with the intent of purporting to be sending messages directly from Elon Musk. A single account had earlier managed to collect $170,000. Fraudsters used their creativity as most of them posed as Tesla’s CEO.

Most of them changed the profile name and image to achieve their objective. They went ahead to post comments led by Elon Musk to show that the platform was legitimate. The primary purpose was to convince the users of this platform that they were engaging with authorized officials of the company.

Google Allows Digital Money To Market On Their Site

Though, from September onwards, the firm eliminated some of their prohibitions by permitting some crypto corporations to market their products using their site. The recent guidelines only permit listed crypto exchanges to market on Google.

This means that unauthorized digital money will not be advertised on this platform. These companies mostly target American and Japanese citizens.

Additionally, last month Google executed fresh limitations on Chrome Web Store extensions. It is anticipated that such a move will automatically have an impact on crypto-jackers.

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