Introducing PlusOneCoin: A Social Media Crypto

The idea of creating a compensation framework for viewing and engaging with content is not new and multiple services; such as Steemit, have failed to succeed in achieving it. However, three developers have succeeded in creating a crypto that gives people the chance to vote for content they like and empower their community. The team consists of Jon Mullins alongside Michael Hodges, who are experts in blockchain, alongside with the founder of ADVFN, Clem Chambers. The group named the currency PlusOneCoin, and it can be used on Chambers’ site and on Investorshub.


The new coin is available on a number of large exchanges already and it can be used like any other cryptocurrency. You can buy it or swap it, mine it or give it away. This new currency makes it possible for content creators and network owners to both earn revenue through their social networks and allow their users to influence the media they are seeing.


The idea of verifying that the voting took place can seem a little silly; however, it is of great magnitude. This method is vital for the general atmosphere of the sector because the creators need to earn money through their media sites and at the same time, it pushes people to check in and interact with the content. Nevertheless, it will not be easy for a London-based media company with a focus on finance to get the public consensus it needs.

Mr. Chambers stated that PLUS1 is based on blockchain that resists ASIC and as a coin used in validating social media networks, it may be used later on  in mainstream media. He also declared that the corporation is equipped and prepared to handle the coin which is trading at a minuscule price of 0.077 cents. He mentioned that the new currency is monitored by a firm that is controlled by the stock exchange and has been in existence for a long time.

He also declared that the new currency has a use case that goes above and beyond the functions of other coins and that coins with a wide range of use cases are the ones to keep an eye on, particularly if their functions have the capacity for growth.

2 years ago

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