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Not many industries around the world have advanced and developed as fast as crypto and blockchain-tech. Additionally, P2P systems have also risen and as of now, centralization is also underway. As per Satoshi, the intention was to completely bypass the medium, essentially any authority, in terms of transactions and payments.

All In

According to the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Digitex Futures, Adam Todd is fully convinced of another method of approach. This comes as a result of his around the clock development of commission-free trading within the crypto-sphere. As is known, almost 90% of all newly emerging startups don’t make it past the first three years of operations. Additionally, almost half of all initial coin offerings have failed since last year.

While the possibility of any startup living successfully past the three-year mark, dedication is vital to the success of any startup or ICO. News such as the SEC and the Bitcoin ETF or price fluctuations should not be reason enough to back out of a project or cause overreactions.

Adam Todd was also seeing an influx of trading commissions weighing down heavily on him before discovering Bitcoin five years ago, jumping online and studying blockchain-tech, putting together a highly qualified team and managing to raise $5M USD in an initial coin offering within almost 20 minutes.

Better Understanding

As of now, over 1700 digital coins are listed in CMC. While not every cryptocurrency exchange operates and handles cryptocurrencies in the same way in terms of price, stock and so on, a plentiful number of cryptocurrencies are available to deal with in any situation. Adam Todd looked past the ongoing trend of creating new coins and adding them to the massive database of the other 1700 and instead decided to focus on a bigger issue within the industry, excess commission fees.

Whenever a market is severely suffering, high frequency and low volumes of trade are incredibly important. Additionally, being able to undergo these things without paying commissions would be considered a miracle by traders. Adam Todd’s unique selling proposition was set from day one as a result of his theoretical work and research into blockchain and crypto and the intense demand from his initial coin offering.

Additionally, persistence and adamancy are incredibly vital. No ICO or Startup every experiences an easy and instantly successful operation. Apart from the incredible amounts of money to be paid for employees, taxes, development and much more, dedication is as essential as any of these factors. Adam Todd taught himself everything he needs to know about crypto-block tech just by using the internet and in terms of taking the first step, Todd says “Do it Now.”


To continue competing in today’s environment, adapting and evolving to accommodate today’s tech is vital. Additionally, quick and robust adaptation is a definite must due to the consistent changes in laws and regulations regarding crypto, the growing increase in cybercrime and intense competition are all factors that could hinder the progress of any sorts.

Blockchains, in due time, will also be able to integrate and operate together seamlessly and crypto currencies will undoubtedly become part of the mainstream. Before offering anything to the world of blockchain, be fully aware and ready to adapt to any sudden change that may occur. With Digitex Futures planned on launching during the fourth quarter of this year, trading will take another interesting turn and early access can be signed up for with the company and placed on the waiting list.

2 years ago

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