Intel Didn’t Profit For 10 Years, Crypto Investors Can Wait

It’s true that the cryptomarket has not been looking good throughout 2018. Still, cryptocurrency is relatively new. Some investors believe the prices will never get better again. However, the viewpoint of experts is that nothing good happens overnight.

It is highly unlikely that the cryptomarket will flourish into great prices and stability tomorrow, but what is even less likely is the possibility it might not happen at all.

Bitcoin has fallen 308 times, according to 99Bitcoins’ obituaries list. The public opinion is that Bitcoin is dead and that it will not be able to get a good place in the market anymore. However, original investors have a different opinion.

WCC (Wealth Chain Capital) Chief Executive Officer, Philip Nunn tweeted yesterday to give his followers a quick reminder of what it means to be involved in a business. 

In his tweet, he refers to some of the largest corporations we know to this day, and how they’ve severely struggled in the past. For instance, both Microsoft and Intel didn’t see a spec of profit until over 10-15 years into their birth, and Apple was on the verge of being bankrupt. So, according to Nunn, it is too early to judge BTC as a dead trend, provided how innovative and practical the idea is.

In fact, Philip Nunn is not the only one to make such references; Meltem Demirors, CSO of Coinshares referred to Amazon and how it took them nine years to recover from peak.

The Internet Did Not Grow Overnight

She also continues to explain how the Internet in 1999 was as vaguely understood as crypto is now, if not more. According to her, people did not know what it exactly is, and most could not grasp what kind of benefits it could offer.

Essentially, for crypto to be implemented correctly, it needs to involve many new technologies that not a lot of people understand at the moment. However, with the future unfolding new possibilities, these technologies may be as familiar as the term “Internet” within the next 10 to 15 years.

2 years ago

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