Institutional Interest is Rising in the Bear Cycle

There’s a right time for everything, and especially for entering an overvalued market, like the crypto market during its bullish days.


The fresh drop has spread the medium-term sentiment in the market that Bitcoin has overturned the downward slope after testing a $250 wide area below $6,000 as a powerful support; this action has cleared the fog from everyone’s head by signifying how unreasonable crashing Bitcoin below $6,000 mark for ROI.

First-rate establishments like Harvard University, Yale, Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been donated to in at least one digital currency, which is a first-hand testimony of the increasing institutional demand for crypto gateways.

Business people’s mindsets are different from the viewer’s; they have a bird-view on all their decisions and market status while viewers have more of a peephole view; they don’t grasp the strategic patterns lying beneath new investments and products and why bull markets tend to return.

The Bitcoin enthusiast Mike Novogratz is making an entrance in the crypto market, while the investment of Dan Morehead in more than 40 cryptocurrency start-ups is considered among the top owners of digital assets. The list doesn’t stop there.

David Swensen’s Ripple Effect on Crypto

Garry Tan, the leading seed investor, in his enlightening interview with BTC said that there’s a feeling weaving its web around famous investors, that Bitcoin is at rock bottom and the initiator of this web of thoughts is David Swensen, Warren Buffet’s intellectual doppelganger at Yale after investing a brave amount of money in crypto-funds.

2 years ago

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