Infinito Wallet Announces Free EOS Account Registration

Infinito Wallet will be over-looking a free registration process for EOS accounts after the company behind the first digital wallet to house more than one type of cryptocurrency announced its EOS support earlier this week. The company says it’s the first of its kind to accommodate and support EOS.


Infinito Wallet designed the world’s first digital token capable of storing various cryptocurrencies and digital assets and provide a universal operating service for any holders. The company is supportive of EOS main net and is among the many to provide their support of the new platform. Many contributors believe EOS will perform incredible digital feats like conducting more than one million different transactions within mere seconds. 

The wallet acts as a storage platform to many of the world’s leading and dominating currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. Any tokens operating on Ethereum’s framework are also supported by the wallet. With its recent support of EOS, Infinito now allows its users to efficiently access their own EOS accounts, manage their assets accordingly and exchange funds as they please.


As per EOS rules, any user looking to actively participate on their platform must possess an account and account name to undergo any EOS transactions. As EOS users will register for the platform by paying in its native coin, those that don’t possess any native funds will have trouble signing up. 

To introduce newcomers and allow them to bypass the strict registration rules in place, Infinito Wallet is offering new clients a chance to register new account names free of charge. To register, users simply access the app and input the required information before completing the process, designed to be quick and simple.

The company behind the universal wallet has stated its desire and pure objective of becoming the forefront of digital wallets across the world and continues to introduce many new tokens while maintaining and supporting its impressive roster of current cryptocurrencies on its application.

2 years ago

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