Indiegogo Offering Security Tokens For Colorado Ski Resort

An innovative platform supporting entrepreneurial ideas from around the world plans to expand into the digital scene with Security tokens, in hopes of introducing real estate investments to their international audience.

San Francisco-based, the Indiegogo platform allows businesses to kickstart new and innovative products. Since 2008 the company’s mission has been to encourage unity and support in ideas that matter and help bring those possibilities to life. The platform now has national offices stationed in LA as well as New York.

Indiegogo Backing Blockchain Revolution

Today's announcement marks Indiegogo’s plan to expand and offer investors access to security tokens of asset class. To commence the project, users will be provided a chance to own what is known as a tokenized stock share of the St Regis Aspen Resort, a luxury ski site in Colorado that sits among the Rocky Mountains. This opportunity will be provided during the Aspen digital token offering. In 2010, the resort was acquired by Elevated Returns, which will be conducting the very first  REIT offering dividing a base of $12M dollars worth of security token investment.

Indiegogo’s founder, Slava Rubin, stated that the platform always pushes to support innovation and provide global users with access to incredible new products and ideas. Rubin also stated that the company is keen on the impact of security tokens during this blockchain revolution hoping to continue to grow their customer base which already ranges in the 10 million.

Active across more than two hundred countries, investors will have the opportunity to buy Aspen coins with either Bitcoin, Ether, or USD. Elevated Returns’ President, Stephane de Baets, noted that offering such as these will be the future of investment in which a device is created to store wealth by using virtual assets that produce incomes. He noted that providing more traditional investments such as real estate, they plan to offer a new way for buyers to own a stake in what was once only available to individuals with high net worth.

Plans to Take Security Tokens into the Future

Unlike utility tokens, these represent the ownership of traditional investments such as real estate, venture capitalist funds, or bonds. As the security token market has experienced such a boom that as of this July the Malta Stock Exchange announced their plan to launch trading platforms based on blockchain technology for the trade of security tokens.

In addition, this month Huobi, China’s top exchange, also announced their intentions to partner with OpenFinancial Network, the very first regulated trading platform for security tokens based in the USA.

2 years ago

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