Incent Collaborates with Gfinity Esports on Blockchain Gaming

The corporations will use their alliance to produce the first rewards network worldwide to broadcast live. The platform will be based on blockchain tech and virtual currencies and will transform the universe of online games.


Australian Companies Band Together

Incent is an Australian technological startup that was established in 2016. It is responsible for giving Australia its first virtual currency, INCNT, as well as building the first platform in the world that rewards people's engagement with cryptocurrencies. The platform already boasts of 400 traders and five thousand members. Incent anticipates a swell in these numbers as a reaction to the announcement of this deal.

Gfinity Esports Australia was founded in 2017. It proudly started the first franchise league in Australia and called it “Elite Series”. As per a report by IGEA, 67% of Aussies are gamers and about a third of these gamers watch Esports, with 52% of those checking into tournament to view the crème de la crème of gamers in action and to learn from them.

Esports created a marvelous spectacle that went international and is expanding at unprecedented rates. The concept of the best gamers in the world confronting one another and vying for money, status, and national pride is one that has attracted thousands of live viewers and more than millions who watch online.

Feedback on the New Deal

The innovative project will start on the 3rd of November, at the beginning of the second season of Elite Series. This new deal will reward the engagement of Australian fans by the new digital currency, INCNT.

Robb Wilson, the chief executive officer at Incent, revealed that this project is the result of two years’ worth of working on creating a top-notch crypto-platform which is measurable, flexible, easy, and safe. He also declared that the deal is considered a big break for the company as it taps into the massive gaming community and presents it with a tradable cryptocurrency that is straightforward, hassle-free, and exceptional. Mr. Wilson also stated that this is the first time a crypto mass market is to be implemented in Australia as this alliance will allow Incent to give virtual currencies to many thousands of new consumers.

Incent utilizes the Waves blockchain because of its ability to manage considerably larger numbers of transactions for a significantly lower cost than the blockchains of BTC or Ethereum. Waves also prides itself on its capacity for security practices.

Dominic Remond, the chief executive officer at Gfinity Esports, declared Incent as the best platform available to create generate higher engagement due to its knowledgeable audiences in terms of technological advancements. Incent also has the capacity to give worthwhile data and significant insights that can assist in marketing and programming.

Mr. Remond stated that Esports are very eager to be sharing their forerunner position with Incent as they create this thrilling movement in the universes of entertainment and sports as they invite the fans and the players to intermingle and exchange knowledge and value in an exceptional manner.

2 years ago

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