Illegal Crypto-Mining Removed From League of Legends Philippines

Following an official announcement, League of Legends in the Philippines has removed Coinhive mining scripts from their Garena client after engineers discovered the code. Earlier this month, a user on Reddit had posted a thread discussing the problem after discovering mining malware designed for XMR.

The Code

According to the statement, the game’s Philippines client had an unauthorized code implemented into it and that no infected computers had shown any negative signs despite an increase in processing units. 

As a video game industry provider, Garena designs platforms for competitive gaming throughout Asia. The Singapore-based provider is a well-known platform provider of League of Legends, the world’s most played PC game and host to well over 100 million players worldwide. 

Many other games are also part of Garena, acquiring their own competitive platforms. Garena focuses on competitive multiplayer shooters and sports games as well as team-based ones.

Spike in Malware

As of this year, crypto-mining malware has seen a massive spike in activity, rising over 600 percent as per reports. The XMR mining malware has also become a wide-spread crypto jacking tool, quickly climbing to an infectious state as criminals continue utilizing the malware in whatever systems they can infect.

Earlier this week, Japan saw its first crypto-related police investigation after authorities began cracking down on a case involving the infamous Coinhive malware. 

A few days later, 16 suspects in an ongoing investigation regarding cryptocurrency mining were arrested and one suspect was charged and sentenced to a year behind bars.

2 years ago

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