Illegal BTC mining costs A Russian Church Dearly

A Russian Orthodox church has been penalized $15,000 for using a excessive electricity while mining BTC.


A statement by law enforcement says that a lot of mining hardware was found in a structure leased by the church officials, as reported in the Russian press.

Accordingly,  the congregation had to settle the rather large electric bill. Although, while the congregation settled the expense, at that point it filed a lawsuit against the electric company. It asserted that the high utilization rate was due to a central heating system and the printers at the church’s place of work.

This incident took place from May to August last year. Irkutskenergo, an power company in Russia, noticed that its power utilization climbed last May. As of August, it had increased up to 2 million Kilowatts. In any case, while the congregation requested a discount, the court ruled that the penalty was sensible.

For a majority cryptocurrency miners who work at home, this might make them query the extent of BTC mining as a practicality. The crypto industry has pulled in countless miners. However, lately mining from a home-based PC has turned out to be unprofitable and difficult. Rather, the utilization of powerful, efficient PCs is  typically required.

Though, since at home mining is inefficient, individuals are switching to different methods. This can regularly involve utilizing the hardware and electricity from their offices.

Caught Red-handed!

In Feb, technologists operating at the Russian atomic warhead office, the Government Atomic Center in Sarov, were captured. They are confirmed to have utilized a super computer at the office for mining BTC.

The super computer was not intended to be linked to the web in order to avert any interruption. Although, immediately the technologist linked the computer to the internet, the security office's atomic hub was notified.

As anyone might expect, with the enthusiasm in the market, a diversified array of methods for mining Bitcoin will proceed. Instances of such can be observed elsewhere as well.

In Florida, for instance, the state's Division of Citrus, had a member of their staff arrested for their supposed association in cryptocurrency mining. An article  early this year noted that the worker had utilized a number of the office's PCs to "dig" for BTC and LTC.

Likewise in spring, two former employees of the Crimean administration were penalized $531 for illicitly mining cryptos via the administration's PC system.

Obviously, if workplace PCs are utilized for mining cryptocurrencies then the ramifications to these companies and employees can be significant. This, however, does not deter certain individuals who are determined to get into the crypto mining business.

2 years ago

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