The Identity of @Bitfinexed Exposed

There are a lot of people in the world who advocate on behalf of cryptocurrencies, a number so large that it has reached the millions. However, a lot of people are on the opposite side of the spectrum, as they think the crypto sector to be rife with fraud. A notable example of this is the popular economist Nouriel Roubini, quite famous for his prediction of the international economic crisis of 2008.


Roubini is newly surfaced as a voice against the crypto industry and he has been quite clear about his stance in Senate hearings. But he has a hidden interest, perhaps on might even suggest a conflict of interest, in what he is doing because he also has been consulting for banks and other institutions that could be the targets of a blockchain-related threat in the future. He receives a hefty salary for his consulting.

Recently, he retweeted posts and showed his unwavering support for the Twitter user, @Bitfinexed. Considering the fact that @Bitfinexed is one of the biggest critics of cryptocurrencies using the service, this is not a surprise. Roubini cited a recent article in which @Bitfinexed was claiming that crypto users disrupted his Twitter account. It seems @Bitfinexed was the user to break the story about Tether being bankrupt, and many users have acknowledged him for it; the user even wrote it as a genuine accomplishment in his profile.

@Bitfinexed Exposed

It looks like the user behind the @Bitfinexed Twitter account has been exposed. While it has been speculated that the account was a source of FUD, it wasn’t actually proven. A user applied some linguistic forensics, often referred to as stylometry, to find out the identity, which turned out to be Spencer Macdonald who lives in Homestead, Florida.

Macdonald is a gamer who turned to BTC trading. It is pointed out that this happened during the same time that Tether and also Bitfinex were being subpoenaed by the CFTC, the top financial regulations firms in the United States.

Macdonald hired a lawyer who seems to know a man named Jeff Bandman well, Bandaman was a CFTC senior official in the time between 2014 and 2017.

The crypto community was torn about this revelation because it seems @Bitfinexed had a planned agenda since the start and some believed his credibility cannot be vouched for anymore. Some users described this as an invasion of his privacy. @Bitfinexed has stated that he is not lying, no matter what is being said by his detractors.

2 years ago

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