ICOBox Ranked As Best Initial Coin Offerings Company

ICOBox was granted its top ranking by Hackernoon, triumphing over other similar companies like Applicature, Argon Group and others within the five leading companies in the industry. Co-founder of the company, Daria Generlova, explained that company was beyond thrilled at its current ranking of the leading initial coins offering marker service provider and with the company’s accomplishments so far as well as its partners.


Top of the ladder

Generlova continues by saying that ICOBox will now have to live up to its reputation as the number one company. The company is adamant about enhancing its already distinguished services and leading position as a company that aids in blockchain startups. Daria attributes its successful operations and reputation with the company clientele. As of now, ICOBox has participated in more than 80 different projects and startups, managing to raise over $400 million in ICOs through the company’s support.

Currently, several initial coin offerings are still underway so the $400M raised will most likely climb up. Many of the distinguished startups that saw success were Celsius, Play2Liv, Tokenstars and more. Each of the successful companies has already provided a wide array of special and incredibly innovative services to the industry.

ICOBox and the companies involved with it have been attributed as scam-proof companies given the reputation. The company also created a research center under its own name, the IBRC where professional and expert team members analyze initial coin offerings and submit their reports on a daily basis. Additionally, among sharing their findings regarding the latest and most notable issues within the crypto-block market, reviews, and analysis of any startup looking to collaborate with ICOBox.

The company was founded last year by experts in the market industry. Nick Evdokimov, an entrepreneur, Anar Babaev and Daria Generalova are the three founding members, each with their own expertise and experience in business, the internet and communications as well as marketing.

2 years ago

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