iCandy Interactive Goes Into Pre-Sale Mode

Blockchain technology is being applied in the gaming sector where users can earn real-world assets.


iCandy Game To Be Sold In Ethereum

The blockchain world has shifted away from Hello Kitties and now it is moving into the virtual crab game. At the moment, a pre-sale for iCandy’s CryptantCrab has been launched. The crabs collection is made up of more than one million combinations to be grabbed. The cost is expected to hike on an hourly basis with the starting price standing at 0.12 ETH.

Players who had earlier registered and the public, in general, will be in a position to take part in the pre-sale for a month. The game comes with a number of virtual crab functionalities. The pre-sale will reward players with a pioneer rank. The status can only be accessed at the pre-sale level. Additionally, the legendary status is "up for Crabs" once it has been purchased.

While the game was rolled out, users will be in a position to look for their own crabs and discover the special characters of emerging virtual players. Players will be in a position to determine their overall statistics and strengths. Once the battle system goes live, the trial traits will then play a vital role.

Participants will be in a position to mutate sections of CryptantCrab. Participants will be able to replace accessories and fighting capabilities in the game. Additionally, players will have a conducive environment and special features to game with. They will also be entitled to real ownership of their game. Additionally, the crabs will come with a market value. Funds used to evolve these characters will be turned into real assets.

Towards December this year, the game will be sold in Crab Shop with mutation functionalities for gamers. The Battle Phase and other capabilities of the new technology will be set up later. The game was set up by Appxplore Ltd. The firm has deployed blockchain in gaming for the first time.

1 year ago

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