IBM Signs Up to Join Registry for Blockchain Projects

According to an announcement made on the 13th September, IBM has decided to register in a blockchain database known as Unbounded registry that acts as a directory for blockchain-based projects. The catalogue is developed by HACERA, a blockchain startup, that aims to offer a decentralized solution for registering, searching, and even joining available blockchain-based solutions. It will essentially act as a registry book wherein users can easily transact with these distributed ledgers.


This also offers multiple solutions to exiting problems faced by newly developed projects such as establishing reserved titles for existing projects, promote the discovery of new networks, as well as function like a directory for specific functions etc. Apart from IBM, other industry giants such as Hitachi, Batavia, Intel, and China-based Huawei, have also joined the registry.

A Leader in Blockchain Future

As a multinational technology company, IBM has earned worldwide recognition for its broad-mindedness in studying as well as applying the concept of blockchain to various sectors and projects. Early this September, IBM had introduced a network for payment called BWW, which functions in real-time via blockchain solutions. This will aid in facilitating international bank agreements.

Last month, Maersk—the Danish-based logistics and transport organization alongside IBM had launched an international shipping solution based on blockchain technology. With this, organizations can locate relevant information regarding every shipment updated every step of the way.

Earlier in June this year, the technical and business advising sector at IBM called, IBM iX, has jointly collaborated with software provider, Mediaocean, releasing a virtual-media transaction locator based on blockchain network and establish a cleaner, more organized system to the greater media buying industry.

2 years ago

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