Huobi MENA In Partnership With AI Firm To Offer Hybrid Trading

Huobi MENA is now courting the cutting edge technology to offer a new form of trading.


AI Trader Links With Huobi MENA In New Trading Project

Huobi MENA is set to provide a hybrid trading platform backed by artificial intelligence. To fulfil the goal, Huobi MENA has teamed up with AI Trader an AI company. Huobi MENA is the international branch of Hubo with a focus in North Africa,  the Middle East and  South Asia.

Once the product has been rolled out, clients on Huobi will be given an option of trading on AI Reader through the use of API. Through this platform, users will not be required to move their funds from Huobi accounts. Once an trade has been completed, it will be reflected on the Huobi MENA account.

AI Trader’s platform is characterized by top frequency trading sector core goals. Users will have access to perks alongside a 40% discount. Additionally, Huobi MENA's new users will have access to free trades for one month. The offer will only be valid during the month of November.

According to Mohit Davar from Huobi MENA, they believe that AI will play a big role in not only the future but also the present. Through the deal, Davar stated that traders will have an opportunity to deploy new trading tools that are analytically centered. He pointed out that the collaboration fits with Huobu MENA’s goal of bringing revolutionary solutions to its users.

As a way of studying market trends, clients of the hybrid trading platform will have technical indicators. This tool will be key in making a decision before carrying out a trade.

Furthermore, the partnership might revolutionize AI Trader’s market presence within the regions covered by Huiobi MENA. According to Santosh Sarma from AI Traders, the deal is a critical step toward introducing new technology affecting how traders conduct exchanges.

Sarma added that his firm wants to introduce complex AI technology that is currently being used in a number of established asset management companies.  He said that this technology should be open to everyone. Sarma added that with the Huobi MENA exchange, their goal will gain momentum. He lauded Huobi as a platform that provides projects that are sourced carefully. He pointed out that they were attracted to the firm since their projects are secure and lacking liquidity.

Sarma further hailed the Huobi exchange stating that it has superior structures with top-level security measures are meant to protect investors from attacks.

1 year ago

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