Hublot Introduces Luxury Watch Exclusively Sold with BTC

According to the official unveiling on the 19th of September by Hublot, the Swiss-based high fashion brand introduced their latest product called the Big Bang Blockchain in commemoration with the tenth anniversary for the BTC cryptocurrency. This model was released with limited availability selling only 210 pieces total, representing the underlying fact of bitcoin’s finite quantity never exceeding twenty-one million. All purchases will only be accepted in the form of bitcoin tokens.

Introducing Bitcoin’s Commemorative Luxury Swiss Watch

In an attempt to market the luxury crypto watch, Hublot has collaborated with OSL, the largest cryptocurrency brokerage in the Asian region, in an attempt to analyze purchasing data derived from presales. In order to do so, all customers must first undergo a registration process on a given website prior to purchasing one of these high tech models. In response, OSL will utilize the data registered and reply with a custom email containing further payment information. Once purchased, customers can expect their Big Bang Blockchain watches delivered in early Q1 of next year.    

Companies Stand in Solidarity With Cryptocurrency WorldWide

As major blockchain enthusiast and industry supporters, Hublot described blockchain tech as the newest financial revolution. Company representatives went into detail explaining the value of its decentralized nature, stating that it offers a foundation to an improved internet system enabling the distribution of digital data around the world. The company also noted that blockchain tech is considered to be among the fastest emerging trading solution technology offering an untapped potential for use cases across all industries.  

In line with the cryptocurrencies anniversary, other mentions of solidarity have taken place around the world. For example, a Paris based gallery promoted a new exhibition entitled Bitcoin Art Revolution directed at artistically representing the possibilities digital assets present. Art pieces at the show can be purchased with a variety of tokens including Ether, Bitcoin, and Monero.  

Humble Beginnings

The 2008’s worldwide financial crisis birthed the first introductions of Bitcoin through the now well-renowned publication written by Satoshi Nakamoto entitled, Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. The publication was made accessible on marking Oct 31, 2008, the birth of the BTC digital asset. Two months later, the first bitcoin was successfully mined.

According to Cointelegraph reports, the decade following its initial debut, bitcoin was considered to have failed over three hundred times. Despite initial dips and obstacles, the digital asset now stands at the top of the crypto industry worldwide successfully raising over $100 billion in market capital to date.

2 years ago

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