Hu-manity Partners With IBM to Use Blockchain in Enhancing User Data Safety

Already a mobile has app has been launched. The partnership will target individuals and major manufacturing firms. 


Hu-manity, IBM Sign Pact to Promote User Data safety

Tech firm IBM has partnered with a startup to manage personal information using the blockchain technology. Hu-manity has inked a deal with IBM to enable users to take control of their data and determine who they will share with. The start-up seeks to provide users with rights to manage their property.

Currently, internet users across the world are growing rapidly with data transparency remaining a bigger challenge. Most firms have centralized systems for storing user data. This has led to the illegal sharing of data. To promote transparency, Hu-manity seeks to use IBM’s blockchain platform as an anchor for the project.

According to a press release by Hu-manity, users will be in a position to determine how their data is utilized whether personally or for commercial purposes. It will use the blockchain platform that supports millions of users globally.

Hu-manity will utilize some key features of the blockchain to achieve this goal. The immutability and decentralization features have been projected to be vital in having a transparent environment. The system will also have developed data encryption and use of AI algorithms.

Already, the two firms have rolled out the first project in the healthcare sector. A few days ago Hu-manity launched the #My31app on both Android and iOS platforms. It was developed under IBM’s blockchain network. The apps names relate to the “31st human right” alongside the 30 approved by the United Nations.

Hu-manity’s Main Goal

Hu-manity’s entry into the healthcare system is to ensure we have accountability when it comes to data sharing. It wants to give customers the power to determine who will view their personal data. They can share it with pharmacists or researchers.

At the moment, #My31 app is for the consumer. By 2019, the firm will have rolled out its enterprise version targeting corporations. Hu-manity boss Richie Etwaru, said the blockchain-based healthcare plan will enable users to have the final say on information like search history, and location. He said with transparency, clients will enjoy privacy and security of their data. Corporations will have data that he termed as high quality since it is directly from the user. He further hailed IBM for coming on board with the projects

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