HTC’s Exodus 1 Is Ready for Pre-Orders

Mobile and tech giant HTC declared that requests for its blockchain-based smartphone, the Exodus 1, are now open. Users can begin to preorder the highly-anticipated phone and pay for it with crypto, as previously announced.


The declaration didn’t leave anything out, it had all the ins and outs of their new money-making machine. The Android-only phone has two selfie 8mp cameras, and 6mp rear cameras, with a staggering display of 18:9 aspect ratio. The Exodus 1 also boasts a DDR4x RAM.

Crypto Mobile

The phone is made for the crypto community: customized for dApps and smart contract efficiency, one of its primary features is a secure, international and API-connected wallet that links you to additional accounts.

It’s a gadget for a full exploration journey of the blockchain. The guidelines of how one can purchase the Exodus 1 were also stated clearly, starting with what digital currencies can be used for payment. Consumers can pay with ETH, BTC and LTC, which is also supported by its innovator Charlie Lee. Lee became a consultant at HTC to guarantee Litecoin involvement and the native dealings of Lighting Networks.

The price you will pay for your Exodus ideally equals around 960 US dollars; so you can either pay 4.78 ETH, or 0.15 BTC.

Exodus 1 is due to ship by the end of 2018.

2 years ago

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