HTC Set To Release Blockchain Powered Smartphone

The phone is expected to focus on security majorly. 


Second Blockchain Smartphone To Hit Market

The first blockchain smartphone under HTC is set to launch. The Taiwan based tech company is finalizing work on the phone dubbed Exodus. Details about the phone were shared through the company's Instagram page. However, the details were later pulled down over unknown reasons.

In a short video posted on the page, HTC did not share much about the phone’s features. The phone is expected to hit the market on October 22 since the video had numbers 10.22.

The idea of launching the Exodus was mooted by HTC Vive manufacturer Phil Chen. Once rolled out, Chen said that the phone will retail at around $1000.  A few months back, Switzerland based Sirin Labs released another blockchain smartphone which is retailing at the same price.

An official from Sirin Labs said that the Finney will use the SIRIN operating system. Its main goal was to come up with an efficient platform focusing on security of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. He pointed out that the device can be used with anybody since it does not require any technical knowledge to operate.

For traders awaiting the release of Exodus, more focus has been placed on security. Another top feature on the phone is the cold storage locker that will harbour top digital currencies in an offline mode. Notably, Exodus will operate on the Android operating system.

Additionally, Exodus will offer a support mechanism for publishing DApps. With the expected HTC in-house network, the phone is expected to to be the launchpad for the system.

Cryptocurrency traders have also been considered under the Exodus design. The cold storage wallet feature will be home to top cryptos like bitcoin. An official from HTC stated that their main goal was to support the whole blockchain system within a short period after the launch. He pointed out that will bring on board all stakeholders to come up with an efficient blockchain system that offers a new experience to consumers.

Elsewhere, cryptocurrency firm Pundi X alleged that it had initiated an inaugural blockchain phone call under its XPhone model. The phone is developed on the Function blockchain that is expected to be public. Through a blog post, PundiX sated that just like other online platforms, clients will use blockchain to share data instantly.

2 years ago

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