How Much Can You Make as a Blockchain Engineer?

Cryptocurrencies may not be known to all, even in this day and age of crypto ATMs and mainstream adoption, but it is all the same a highly sought-after financial trade. Not to mention, it now boasts a booming job market with a higher demand for engineers specializing in blockchain. The average salary is becoming a great opportunity for those who possess the right expertise. Even when compared to traditional software engineers, who were once considered on the higher end of the salary spectrum, blockchain engineers are surpassing their salaries by the thousands.


Fancy Skills

Companies are beginning to seek blockchain know-how in potential job candidates, particularly in the tech industry. World-famous corporations such as Facebook and Snapchat are amongst the many companies hiring such experts as they have begun joining the new wave of cryptocurrency fervor. Since last year, job postings involving BC have increased by a surprising 400%.

Another reason for such a high salary is that there is a shortage of employees with this specific competence. Of course, this is beneficial to the right candidates because it only raises their salaries further. An engineer who earned the title of Principal Blockchain Engineer said that due to his new title, he receives interview requests on a daily basis via LinkedIn.

Other Important Blockchain Skills

It’s important to bear in mind that a BC specialist should be skilled in networking, design and cryptography. Insight in programming computer languages is also preferred. If you have these skills, it is probably a good idea to get online and start looking while the industry is still nascent.

2 years ago

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