How to Get a Million of BTC Playing Games

More than 2 billion people all over the world play computer games. Half of them also spend money on such entertainment, which creates a multibillion-dollar industry. While publishers receive super profits, users are completely deprived of the opportunity to monetize their hobby. Blockchain and smart contracts can change this once and for all.


According to Newzoo study, there are now 2.3 billion active players in the world. Of these, 46% are constantly spending money on games. In 2018, the market for games will reach $133.9 billion. More than half of this amount - $70.3 billion - will account for mobile entertainment. Moreover, the growth of this sector incredible - 25.5% compared to 2017.

But ordinary users are cut off from these cash flows. And, for the most part, they act as a cash cow, which brings the game business hundreds of billions of dollars.

The IQeon project intends to fix this injustice, using the power of new technology - blockchain and smart contracts.

Billiard for Playing

IQeon creates an entire ecosystem around mobile intelligent and logical games. The central place in it is occupied by the blockchain platform, which allows players to compete with each other, earning money.

For example, IQeon has already launched the logical game "IQ Clash: Intelligent Battles". Anyone can take part in it, making a small contribution to the prize fund. Everything is fair: the one who showed the best result takes the prize. If someone wants to compete in a narrow circle of friends, he can create a private game and send an invitation link to the chosen people.

Moreover, users can create tournaments on the IQeon platform and determine the conditions of the game.

In its work, the platform utilizes the IQN token. It acts as a game currency. But compared to the traditional gaming money, IQN has a list of advantages. This token can be used in completely different games. And when the player decides that he has earned enough, he can easily buy goods and services with cryptocurrency, or exchange IQN for fiat.

Thanks to the blockchain and smart contracts on which IQN is built, players can not worry about the safety of their money. After all, all information about the accounts is recorded in the public ledger, and it is impossible to hack it. Moreover, smart contracts guarantee payments, and therefore unscrupulous publishers will not be able to deceive users.

On the other hand, all is needed to use IQeon it’s a crypto wallet. And there is no need to provide a private information or documents. This guarantees the complete anonymity of the player.

The work of the platform is simple. For example, during the competition, players receive a registration number. IQeon forms a smart contract, which identifies these IDs, the terms of the tournament and winnings, as well as the addresses of the participants' wallets. As soon as the players fulfill the conditions specified in the rules, they receive a prize. And the payments are made automatically without the participation of a person. 95% of the prize pool goes to the players, the remaining 5% takes IQeon as a commission for its services.

Such a system guarantees not only an honest game but also an opportunity to earn money.

Motivation for Earning

IQeon concentrates not only on games but also on personal development. Most people lack the motivation or incentive to begin to make their dreams come true. And as you know, money motivation is one of the strongest.


So, IQeon allows users to bet. For example, two friends may argue that one of them, at last, will enroll in the French language courses. Each of them makes a certain amount payment in the smart contract. And if a friend enrolls, he gets a prize. If he does not stick to his promise, the money goes to the opposite side.

And if the parties disagree on the terms of the dispute, they can always turn to the arbiter - the IQeon platform.

Business Also Wins

The IQeon platform can also greatly help the business. So the game developers can get an additional audience. IQeon has developed an API that makes it easy to integrate games into the ecosystem.

On the other hand, the business can reduce costs by using the IQN token. For example, the withdrawal fee in Google Play will be reduced by 30% if using cryptocurrency. The Apple Store fee is down 10%. Also, developers couldn’t worry about legal aspects, because tech giants recognize IQeon tokens. And thanks to the blockchain, all payments are processed in a few seconds.

Virtual World – Real Earnings

After the full launch of the platform, IQeon plans to expand its activities in AI, VR and Augmented Reality. Simultaneously, neural networks will help improve games and make them more interesting for users.

To implement its ambitious plans, the project was conducted ICO, which received flattering reviews and the highest scores from the top ICO trackers. As a result, IQeon managed to raise over $1.5 million. The project has already begun to bring to life its ideas and by the end of 2018, it is going to create a foundation for a future ecosystem with 2.5 million active users. By the end of 2019, according to the plans of IQeon, this figure will rise to 15 million participants on the platform.

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